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    The right to return orders has all KrunaMode web shop customers on all products. Members of the KrunaMode club can return all products without the cost of postage.Kruna Trade d.o.o. guarantees that all products bought on our web shop are correct. Product photos are of illustrative nature only and do not always have to match the products that are really available in all detail. Considering the ability to individually adjust the monitor on your computer, differences in perception of product color from the human eye, etc., we can not guarantee the full compatibility of the colors of our color products as you see them on your monitor screen. In such cases, the claim is not justified. The buyer can lose the warranty even in the event of unauthorized processing of the product, as well as a third party's unauthorized access to the product.

    If you received a product that you did not order or got a product with a mistake, inform us about the difficulties. If the complaint is warranted, please contact us no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the product in order to arrange for the replacement of the damaged product or refund of money. Buyer is entitled to return the product in the following cases:

    1. delivery of non-ordered products,

    2. delivery of damaged products, and damage is caused by poor manipulation when delivered.

    You can have eligible for the warranty, but you must enclose a copy of the invoice or buy order with the product with a defect. Complaints sent by packet distribution must be properly packed in cardboard packaging above the original packaging. All complaints improperly packaged or those with visible mechanical damage to transport will not be taken over but will be returned to the sender at his cost.

    What time should I request a refund?

    Returns on all products, you are required to apply within 14 days of receipt of the package.

    Can a product bought at the KrunaMode web shop be returned to one of the Kruna Mode stores?

    All products can be returned in any of our stores or by courier service to Kruna Trade d.o.o., Gundulićeva 26a, 21000 Split after the approved refund request.

    What when I ask for a refund? After which time do I have to return the product?

    After you request a refund, you will contact our employe and provide feedback. If the request is approved, the product must be returned at our expense via express delivery within two working days of the requested refund.

    Why was my refund request denied?

    In order to get the correct answer to this question please contact us at e-mail and in the mail address please write the order number. I'm a registered KrunaMode club user.

    How do I file a refund request?

    You initiate a refund request within 14 working days of receiving the package by submitting an email to the "Request for Refund" title and enter your order number in the email content (send email to Upon receiving it within two business days you will contact our info service.

    If I get the product back if I get back the full amount I paid?

    If your refund request is approved and the Product Review finds that the returned goods are undamaged in the original packaging, we will refund the full amount to your current account or credit card.

    I am not a member of the KrunaMode club. Do I have the right to a refund?

    The right to return orders has all customers on all products, but only members of the KrunaMode club can return the goods without the cost of the postage. You must request a refund within 14 days of receipt of the package.

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