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    Free return

    Do I have the right for a free return?
    All costumers have the right to return any purchased product.

    What time do I have to request free return
    You have 14 days from receiving the product to request free return.

    Can I return the product purchased online in any Kruna Mode store?
    You can return all products in any of the Kruna Mode stores in person or by delivery to address Kruna Trade d.o.o., Gundulićeva 26a, 21000 Split after an approved  return request,

    What after I request return? After what period I can return the product?
    After your return request, our team will contact you with further instructions. If your return request is approved you can return the product within two working days via express delivery on our expense. 

    How do I request a free return?
    Free return must be requested  within 14 business days since receiving the product by sending an email titled "Free return request" that contains the number of order ( email address is ). After our team receives the request you will be contacted within 2 business days. With the returned goods you must send a receipt copy or order to confirm the purchase. Returns that are sent by package delivery must be packaged in a cardboard box above the original packaging. All returns that are not packaged accordingly or are mechanically damaged in transport will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender on senders expense.. 

    If  I get the product back if I get back the full amount I paid?
    If your refund request is approved and the Product Review finds that the returned goods are undamaged in the original packaging, we will refund the full amount to your current account or credit card.

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