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    Modern, Urban, Casual and Streetwear Brands

    KRUNA MODE is a chain of multibrand stores that offer world-class, modern, casual and streetwear brands such as O'Neill, Bench, Henri Lloyd, Blend, Ichi, Garcia Jeans and others. In KRUNA MODE stores you can find clothes, shoes and fashion accessories for dynamic, urban women and men. During the 35 years of business we have built a special relationship with our faithful customers based on mutual love for contemporary lifestyle, design, music, street art and fashion. Our mission is customer satisfaction, so a large team of educated employees will make your shopping experience enjoyable and complete. KRUNA MODE stores are located in Zagreb - Arena Center, Avenue Mall, City Center One East, West Gate and Split - Marmontova 2, Marmontova 6, TC. Joker, Mall of Split, Kružićeva 2, Gundulićeva 26a.

    O'NEILL - the original California surf, snow and lifestyle brand, was founded in 1952 when the young man named Jack O'Neill set up his unstoppable surf passion and exploited her to win Mother Nature in her own battle. Forming the world's first non-opaque world-class dress, Jack found a way to extend the winters riding season in northern California. Soon after, he opened his garage door for the first surf shop in the world. While many things from these daunting beginnings have changed, O'Neill's i vision to produce functional and innovative products has remained the same until nowadays. Since the world's first Neoprene Division and the strap that binds to the leg, to the world's first in the world of seamless surfer bermuda, up to recently launched revolutionary electronic apparel and accessories, O'Neill's drive for innovation will always lead this company forward. Today, O'Neill is present all over the world and will always be loyal to his reputation as one of the world's leading lifestyle brands based on half a century of long history as First Name In The Water. And snow - it's just frozen water.

     BENCH - an English urban lifestyle brand created at the end of the '80s, whose origins are inspired by the world of skateboarding and BMX bikes, and today is based on a design that is closely related to the music underground scene. Bench reflects the heart of British urban fashion, club scene and culture, socializing with musicians and creative individuals. It portrays urban pressure on young people today and reflects the escape through innovative graphics that reflect the club atmosphere and emphasize the passion of this music brand. This streetwear brand has developed over the last two decades into a well-known and innovative global brand. Bench is a brand that constantly offers multipurpose clothing items that meet the demands of everyday life.

    BLEND - For all those free spirit who want to be in touch with the most fashionable trends Blend is the ideal choice. The collections of this interior represent a powerful selection of contemporary European styles and jeans made for urban life. The inside values are authentic flair, quality consistency, value for money, desirable design and heritage denim.

    HENRI LLOYD - a fashion brand founded in 1963 in Manchester. After 50 years of development and massive rich experience in innovative materials, Henri Lloyd's assortments today have a unique blend of heritage, innovation and technical excellence. Innovation has always been a trademark of the brand, since the introduction of the popular scarf on clothing (the world's first introduced in clothing), the most advanced airborne professional sports cloth, technical lines for the most demanding ocean voyages, lifestyle clothes from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Henri Lloyd's lifestyle line of clothing and footwear delivers comfort, impeccable quality and state of the art materials, and the lifestyle line design itself sets standards in global fashion trends. About the quality of clothing is best explained by the fact that Ambassador Henri Lloyd inside the well-known British sailor Sir Ben Ainslie, the most successful Olympic sailor of all time. Henri Lloyd is also the official attire of all America's Cup rivals and is also the main sponsor of the Lotus team in Formula 1.

    ICHI - a female Danish fashion brand founded in 1999 for sophisticated and relaxed city girls. ICHI collections are creative, brave and feminine, inspired by street fashion and art. The hand-designed abstract print that runs through the ICHI collection is exactly what makes them contemporary and unique.

     GARCIA JEANS - Starting in 1977 as a small family of big ideas and ambitions, Garcia has grown into one of the world famous "jeans" brands today. In Garcia believe that everyone should have the opportunity to afford the best. Therefore, their prices are still affordable today despite the fact that it is a world famous brand with a rich tradition of producing jeans. The process of production is invested with great effort and passion, which certainly is supported by the fact that every pair of jeans has undergone a special handmade treatment, and the very material (cotton) used for making jeans is carefully selected and mixed in order to achieve the highest quality properties. Although many competitors use faster and more technologically advanced methods for making jeans, Garcia believes that the traditional annular twist gives the strongest and most beautiful yarns. Moreover, every pair of Garcia jeans passes a number of specific processes in which they are manually handled. In these processes, staff pay special attention to the creation of various details making each pair of Garcia jeans almost unique.

    Kruna Trade Ltd. the authorized representative O'Neill, Bench, Blend, Henri Lloyd, Ichi and Garcia Jeans products for Croatia. © Copyright 2016