Customer support / Delivery


    You have to do shopping with a minimum of 200.00 kn and we will send you bought products for free! The ordered product (s) will be delivered to your address within 8 business days of the availability of ordered products. The shipping cost is not charged if your order exceeds 200.00. For order delivery less than 200 kn, the cost is charged at the prices defined within the order.

    Why did you charge me for delivery if everywhere it says it's free?
    Delivery is free only when the order exceeds 200.00 kunas.

    What if the package I received was damaged? Am I obligated to take it?
    The packaging is designed in such a way as to avoid any damage to normal transport. If you notice that the packet is damaged you are not required to download it, you can request a new shipment. You can contact us by sending a mail to:

    Should I buy a product whose cost after the promotional code entered is less than 200 kuna, should I pay for the delivery?
    If the price of the selected product is 200.00 kunas, but you will get a discount with the promotional code, you pay for delivery.

    How do you deliver?
    We offer buyers the delivery service of the products bought through the delivery service.

    How do I know my packet is sent?
    We will notify you of your email.

    What if I do not deliver the address when the deliveryman comes?
    If you are not at the delivery address, the delivery person will contact you by phone and you will agree on the delivery terms.

    After how much time can I expect the ordered product to be delivered?
    The product will be delivered within 3 to 8 working days after we notify you that payment was received (viral payment and card payment) or after notification of the received order if you are paying for the deposit.

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