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    About us

    KRUNA MODE is a chain of multibrend stores of selected world fashion, street, casual and urban fashion brands. During our 39 years in business, we have built a special relationship with our loyal customers based on a mutual love of contemporary lifestyle, design, street art and fashion. Kruna Mode, with its 8 stores in Split, Zagreb and a web shop, is an indispensable fashion address for all dynamic, urban women and men who nurture their style, choose quality and specialty and want to be different. Our mission is customer satisfaction, so our goal is to make your shopping experience enjoyable and complete!

    An excellent range of Kruna Mode brands include O'Neill, Billabong, Garcia, Kaporal, Blend, Ichi, Element, RVCASinner, Emily & Noah and Sina Jo. Following the fashion trends and adapting to them, today we are increasingly focusing on the fashion, casual, street and urban scene. Every garment, in addition to its practical nature, should reflect the attitude of the person wearing it. Each of us is special, so we want to give everyone the opportunity to show their unique creativity and style through clothing. When you wear any of our brands your attitude is recognizable wherever you are in the whole world!

    Kruna Mode stores are located in Zagreb - Arena Center, Avenue Mall, West Gate and in Split - Marmontova 2, Marmontova 6, TC. Joker, Mall of Split, Gunduliceva 26a.

    The brands we represent are truly unique. These are lifestyle brands that sell not only clothing but the whole philosophy. Millions of people around the world identify with O'Neill's vision of the free spirit and Element or RVCA urban style. Our brands are involved in environmental conservation programs. Most of our products are made of organic cotton, and O'Neill started the Sea Odyssey Foundation back in 1966 to educate students about the importance of the sea and oceans from which more than 50% of the world's oxygen comes. Element introduced a collection created in collaboration with National Geographic to help raise awareness about nature conservation.

    For you always just an uncompromising offer; world fashion brands, top quality, innovative design and unique fashion experience!


    The original California surf, snow and lifestyle brand, was founded in 1952 when the young man named Jack O'Neill set up his unstoppable surf passion and exploited her to win Mother Nature in her own battle. Forming the world's first non-opaque world-class dress, Jack found a way to extend the winters riding season in northern California. Soon after, he opened his garage door for the first surf shop in the world. While many things from these daunting beginnings have changed, O'Neill's i vision to produce functional and innovative products has remained the same until nowadays. Since the world's first Neoprene Division and the strap that binds to the leg, to the world's first in the world of seamless surfer bermudas, up to recently launched revolutionary electronic apparel and accessories, O'Neill's drive for innovation will always lead this company forward. Today, O'Neill is present all over the world and will always be loyal to his reputation as one of the world's leading lifestyle brands based on half a century of long history as First Name In The Water. And snow - it's just frozen water. 


    The iconic Australian surf and lifestyle brand Billabong was started in humble beginnings by Gordon Merchant. The name Billabong is derived from the Wiradjuri word bilabaŋ, which translates to ‘creek that runs only during the rainy season,’. Billabong, the number one surf fashion brand worldwide, has been built on premium quality, innovation and forever listening to its core action sports consumer.

    Billabong’s team riders have a history that stretches back decades but the brand has focused on continuing to connect with a new generation, with digital strategies seeing a tremendous global social media growth across channels in the last couple of years. From its humble beginnings to its sponsorship of elite junior teams and professional surfers, Billabong encourages the discovery of its customers’ inner coastal lifestyle. Well-known for its livable mottos ‘Life’s Better in Boardshorts’ and ‘A Bikini Kinda Life,’ this Aussie brand offers a little something for everyone, from a pair of high-performance ‘boardies’ to winter-wear to the latest bikinis!


    Starting in 1977 as a small family of big ideas and ambitions, Garcia has grown into one of the world famous "jeans" brands today. In Garcia believe that everyone should have the opportunity to afford the best. Therefore, their prices are still affordable today despite the fact that it is a world famous brand with a rich tradition of producing jeans. The process of production is invested with great effort and passion, which certainly is supported by the fact that every pair of jeans has undergone a special handmade treatment, and the very material (cotton) used for making jeans is carefully selected and mixed in order to achieve the highest quality properties. Although many competitors use faster and more technologically advanced methods for making jeans, Garcia believes that the traditional annular twist gives the strongest and most beautiful yarns. Moreover, every pair of Garcia jeans passes a number of specific processes in which they are manually handled. In these processes, staff pay special attention to the creation of various details making each pair of Garcia jeans almost unique.


    Born in 2004 at the very heart of the Marseilles denim sector, Kaporal built its image through its jeans, their inimitable cuts and their instantly identifiable details. Over time and with constantly renewed creativity, the label left its mark in all fashion areas, now stylishly clothing men, women from 16 to 35, attracted by a creative and audacious range of clothing at affordable prices. Thanks to effective communication and a strong identity, Kaporal quickly confirms its success. Listening to the market, Kaporal seizes every opportunity to expand its collections and become a trendy ready-to-wear brand offering a developed range of accessories (eyewear, watches, shoes, leather goods ...), and recognized for its expertise. to do in denim. Today Kaporal has a network of more than 1,600 multi-brand retailers, more than 100 boutiques, including some thirty franchises, a new concept store and is positioning itself as a real alternative to international brands. It is inspired by American values, casual trends while constantly reinventing vintage products from thrift stores from around the world. Armed with a team of stylists, from year to year, the brand has affirmed its vintage and trendy style to achieve a maturity in its collections that gives it a true legitimacy of lifestyle brand and recognized as such. Kaporal is a brand that does not leave indifferent, a brand with a strong character, a style recognizable and assumed.

    BLEND and BlendShe

    BLEND represent a style breathing urban living and true craftsmanship since 1993. Born in Denmark, the brand started out as a global jeansmaker with the ambition to reach out to the youthful souls among the mainstream that dared to blend out on occasion. Today the brand covers the full range of urban street wear and contemporary fashion dressing the European men. Whether it is denim you search for, a casual tone of voice or something out of character, they will meet that need. Their target has the city as their playground and his appearance reflect his attitude of taking action in order to challenge the mainstream. In BlendShe, they focus on appearance and cool styles at the right price, at the right time. The collection is for the girl that expects a little extra. In BlendShe it is all about passion for expressing personalities through cool, contemporary fashion. They do prints with attitude, and always add their own twist to the basics. Experience and insight of their designers and buyers are important, to make sure they always hit the target – in every collection. Their mindset is commercial, and their approach is retail. They are ambitious and proud to be just as awesome a business partner as they are fashion designers – and never back down from a challenge. They are mainstream, but they'll always challenge tradition, combine and create something new out of the known – making sure that your shelves feel both familiar and fresh.


    Founded in 1999 and part of the Danish fashion mogul DK Company - ICHI has delivered high quality pieces in an accessible price range for almost two decades. They operate in more than 47 countries and are represented in over 1.800 shops around the world and today they are more global than ever with a strong presence online. Through creativity and skilled craftsmanship they have proven to leave a mark with their customers, to connect with them and deliver success in an ever-changing market. ICHI pay tribute to the simplicity, purity, and accessibility. They want their fashion to be easy to grasp and relatable. The collections are brave and feminine and the handmade print brings a personal and genuine touch throughout the clothing lines. With a strong detail focus mixed with a vibe of freedom and raw femininity, ICHI speaks to every women and encourages her to take lead. They strive to have every collection created be a reflection of our time and to maintain a design that is comprehensive yet poetic. Easy to love and easy to wear is the way to describe the look and feel of ICHI.


    Undoubtedly this is the largest and most productive brand in the world's skateboarding industry, which records steady growth in industry since its founding in 1992. Element is a versatile, exciting, adrenaline, energetic lifestyle brand that draws enthusiasm from skateboarding. The brand in its range offers a variety of men's clothing for passionate skateboard enthusiasts. If you are engaged in this sport or are simply committed to this clothing, Element is your right choice. What's characterizing this brand is definitely the skate equipment and clothing, the well-known logo on all continents, the legend of Bam Marger, Ray Barbee, the style of Ms. Appleyard, the most successful Nyjahuston contestant, the greatest eccentric Evans Smith, pure freshman Jaakko Ojanen, ect. Element is a brand rooted in skateboarding, the arts and nature, and its mission is to make a positive impact through sustainable and social initiatives aimed at a better tomorrow.


    RVCA is an authentic brand which inspires consumers through its advocates, artists, events and products. Always original, the RVCA pushes the boundaries of creative expression. Its mission is to recognize and celebrate the greatness and power of creativity. Beyond the boundaries of traditional sportswear, RVCA is a lifestyle brand free from passing trends - created by a group of like-minded people from different subcultures. The intention of the brand was to create a platform that originally blends art, fashion, music and modern lifestyles, thus providing a blank canvas for its team members who are artists, photographers, designers, athletes, DJs, musicians..., to take center stage in creative expression. For the RVCA, it's about today, tomorrow, and life as the guiding principles. The name RVCA (pronounced: rü-kəə, rew-ka or rou-ka) was developed primarily from the individual letters "V" and "A" - which symbolize the balance of opposites. It shows us how opposites coexist in reality: nature versus industrialization, art versus science, order versus chaos, ...


    Since 1996. SINNER is the brand of explorers in which they search the globe for inspiration, excitement, challenges and magical moments that spark their never-ending curiosity. SINNER collections all start with the inspiration they extract from personal experiences in life. SINNER can be found in over 3000 stores including some of the best global department stores, independents and in our web shop and in Kruna Mode shops. It has represented innovation, quality, performance and style. First as an eyewear company with sports sunglasses, today as an international lifestyle and sports brand distributed in 24 countries worldwide. In our SINNER offer you can find their ski/snowboard goggles, ski/snowboard helmets, ski/snowboard gloves and other products that will make your ski holidays even more magical!


    EMILY & NOAH is a private label of Meier Lederwaren. Since 1921 they stand for tradition, quality and an independent design language. This brand brings a breath of fresh air and combines the traditional direction of Meier Lederwaren with fashion, trends and a young lifestyle. EMILY & NOAH is specialised in high quality synthetic fiber bags. An exciting material that can be processed very differently and at the same time represents a real alternative to natural animal leather. It convinces and inspires with diversity. Aim is to give every pocket the opportunity to find his or her favorite personal item, to show the awareness of the trend and to make statements with meaningful accessories. EMILY & NOAH bags therefore cover both puristic, classic styles with clean lines as well as eye-catching designs with patchwork look, studs and shiny highlights.


    Sina Jo is a private label of Meier Lederwaren. Since 1921 they stand for tradition, quality and an independent design language. If you love the smell of leather bags, can not get enough of colors and are looking for a variety of fashionable designs, then Sina Jo is the brand for you. SinaJo is successful with more than 3,500 sales outlets far beyond the borders of Germany. Each season, Sina Jo surprises with new collections that interpret the current trends independently and still have fashion valid for more than one season. Sina Jo specializes in high quality synthetic leather bags. An exciting material that can not only be processed and surface treated in very different ways, but also meets the demands of vegan people.

    Kruna Mode d.o.o. the authorized representative O'Neill, Billabong, Element, RVCA, Kaporal, Garcia Blend, Ichi, Garcia, Emily & Noah and Sina Jo products for Croatia. © Copyright 2016