Customer support / Loyalty program

    What is the Kruna Mode loyalty program?

    The Kruna Mode loyalty program is designed to directly reward every purchase you make via web shop.

    Collect points and make extra savings!

    In order to start collecting points all you need is the web shop subscription.


    Terms of the Kruna Mode loyalty program:

    For every 2,6 euro spent you will receive 1 point for your next purchase!

    1 point equals 0,13 euro and reduces your next purchase by 0,13 euros (2 points reduces your account by 0,26 euros, etc.)!

    Example 1: A purchase of 26 euro provides you with 10 reward points so you can reduce your next purchase by 1,3 euro (26/2,6 = 10 points, which is 1,3 euro).

    Example 2. A purchase of 129 euro provides you 50 reward points (129/2,6 = 50 points, which is 6,5 euro).

    Rewards will be available on your account upon check out.

    To redeem your points, you need to click on the (Loyalty Program) profile to get them converted into a voucher, which can be redeemed at check out.

    Purchases of at least 26 euro must be made to be able to use your points for discount. (products that are already on sale also reduce the price when using points). When you score a minimum of 50 points, you are able to convert them to a coupon.

    With coupons you can reduce the price of the entire cart amount by up to 30% of the cart amount.

    Example: If your cart is 50 euro, you can reduce the amount of your entire cart by up to 15 euro (30%) with points, while using the remaining points (if you have more points) on another purchase.

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